What is the WeGiveBack Community Outreach Program?

Our WGB Community Outreach Program is our way of honoring members of our community for their hard work. There are many amazing people who dedicate their careers to making our community a better place, and they deserve to be honored!

How does it work?

If you belong to the group that is being honored during a month, simply call 218-263-1501 and schedule your appointment. It’s as simple as that!

What’s the catch?

There is no catch! This is simply our way of honoring YOU. Upgrade options are available for the FREE 30 minute session as well as an invitation to upgrade your session or take part of our Family Discount. But there is no pressure or expectation for you to partake in these options.

This November, we honor Veterans (and their spouses)!!

When is my career field or cohort being honored by Ohana?

We worked diligently to come up with a well-rounded selection of occupations and groups of individuals, but we recognize that we couldn’t fit everyone into just a single year. If you have a particular career field or group that you think should be recognized, please do contact us and we will take your suggestions into consideration in planning our next year of giving back to our community!

2018 WeGiveBack Honorees

Month Honorees Dates Available
January Pregnant Women Jan. 8th–20th
February Mining Industry Feb. 5th–16th
March Caregivers (incl. Direct Care and PCAs) Mar. 5th–16th
April Nonprofit Workers Apr. 2nd–13th
May Small Business Owners May 7th–19th
June Teachers June 11th–22nd
July Healthcare Workers July 9th–20th
August Customer Service Workers Aug. 13th–24th
September First Responders Sept. 10th–22nd
October Financial Workers Oct. 1st–13th
November Veterans (and their families!) Nov. 5th–15th
December Public Employees Dec. 3rd–15th

Are there any limitations on the WGB program?

Limitations include:

  • You must belong to the group that is being honored that month. Example: only an educational teacher can partake when we honor educational teachers, not a teachers aid or administrative assistant.
  • You may be requested to provide proof that you belong to the group that is being honored. Proof could be an ID badge, paystub, association card, etc.
  • You can only partake in the WGB program once per year, even if you belong to more than one group that we are honoring.
  • All WGB appointments must be reserved with a credit card number. The credit card will only be charged if you do not show up for your appointment.
  • You cannot reserve your WGB massage appointment until the week it starts. Example: If we are honoring Customer Service Workers starting August 13th, you cannot call to reserve your WGB session until August 13th.
  • You cannot combine your WGB massage appointment with any other offers, discounts or coupons. Example: If you have a $5 off coupon, you cannot redeem that in the same session as your WGB free 30 minutes.
  • FREE 30 minute massage is valued at $42.95 Upcharges apply to redeem this offer with our Advanced Pain and Stress Relief Specialists. Additional time and session upgrades may be purchased to help you get the most out of your session.
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