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Jory Bowen

Well-Being Health Coach

Jory Bowen, IHC — Integratvie Health Coach

Jory has a passion for helping people bridge the gap between physicial dis-function and the mind games that limit our healing. Her history of chronic migraines has taught her the importance of addressing both the mind and the body for optimal healing.
“I still experience the occasional migraine, sometimes a string of them, but I’m often pain-free, and I’m happier and healthier than ever. I didn’t know it at the time, but I served as my own integrative health coach by addressing specific aspects of my health and taking actionable steps to accomplish my health goals. This truly changed my life, and I hope to use my painful, personal experience and the evidence-based integrative health model I learned at Duke Integrative Medicine to help you change yours!” ~ Jory


During the past 15 years, Jory Bowen has worked in the education, nonprofit, and social service sectors in both managerial and mental health-based roles. Her in-depth knowledge of behavioral health, paired with her interest in integrative health, helped her excel at each of her former positions. However, she frequently felt our current medical and mental health models failed to address the whole person, which eventually led to her decision to not only pursue training, but a career, as an integrative health coach.


Jory Bowen’s professional education and experience in both behavioral and integrative health, paired with her personal experience making life-changing health choices, perfectly situates her to help you achieve your optimal health!

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