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Ashley JohnsonTherapeutic Massage

Ashley Johnson
Therapeutic Massage Monday and Thursday Call (218)263-1501

Ashley Johnson — LMT, Pain and Stress Relief Therapist

Helping people to feel good and live with less pain and fatigue is Ashley’s passion. She loves being able to custom tailor each massage session to meet the clients’ unique needs. By blending a variety of Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Scar Realignment and Sports Massage techniques, she is able to find what therapy works most effectively for each client’s condition and/or symptoms.


Ashley graduated in 2013 from Duluth Business University with her Associate of Applied Science Degree in Massage Therapy. This training included training in techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Pregnancy and Geriatric Massage. Ashley started her massage career working in a spa and soon learned that she desired a more clinical approach to massage therapy. She enjoys being able to provide relief for common ailments through massage and bodywork.

Ashley is a member of Insurance Plus+.


Ashley is proficient at Therapeutic, Relaxation and Pregnancy Massage. She has been a member of the Ohana Family since August 2019.

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