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Well-Being Health Coach

Well-Being Health Coach

Well-Being Health Coaching empowers you to make lasting health behavior changes that are the cornerstones of lifelong wellness. It also helps you break habitual patterns of behavior that harm your health. In addition, well-being health coaching helps bridge the gap between medical recommendations and your ability to successfully implement those recommendations into your busy, complex life.

What are some reasons why I would want to see a Well-Being Health Coach?

  • Help achieving goals – i.e. weight loss, healthier habits,
  • Want help making change in your life but unsure where to start
  • Guidance for establishing balance in your busy life
  • Sick of feeling sick and tired
  • You are finally ready to create the life of your dreams!
  • and more!

How does Well-Being Health Coaching Work?

  • Coaching sessions take place in person at Ohana Therapeutic Massage.
  • The coach and client act as a team to work towards a common goal, the client’s optimal health and well-being.
  • Coaches trained at Duke Integrative Medicine utilize the Wheel of Health and Personal Health Plan to facilitate inquiry and personal discovery.
  • Coaches ask powerful questions and take time to listen to their client’s concerns.
  • Your coach helps identify obstacles to create strategies for forward movement.
  • Coaches provide additional resources and/or referrals for making healthy behavior changes.
  • The coaching process facilitates lasting behavior change by helping the client form healthy, habitual patterns.

What are the aspects of the Wheel of Health?

1. Mind-Body Connection
2. Movement, Exercise, and Rest
3. Nutrition
4. Personal and Professional Development
5. Physical Environment
6. Relationships and Communication
7. Spirituality

How will I know what to expect?

Ohana Therapeutic Massage gifts out TEN complimentary 20-minute consultations every month. During a consultation with Jory, you will discuss the coaching process and your unique coaching needs.

Does it matter if I’m really healthy and have super small goals?

Not at all! Well-Being health coaching helps with even the simplest or smallest of goals.

Does it matter if I’m really unhealthy and have a lot of large goals?

No! Well-Being health coaching helps with complex, large, and multiple goal areas.

Will my coach tell me what to do?

Absolutely not! Integrative health coaches are not the expert when it comes to your health. You are! You identify the goals you want to achieve, and your coach helps you create action steps to reach them.

Is Coaching the same as therapy?

No way! Although you work one-on-one with a coach, similar to therapy, in the coaching context you are the expert. While your coach helps you explore the various aspects of your health, the focus is on forward momentum versus concentrating on the past, a hallmark of traditional talk therapy.
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