COVID-19 Update

Per the recommendation of the MN Department of Health, we are open by appointment only – no walk-ins. 

To promote public health, we are operating at a reduced staff during the month of August. Sessions are available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday by appointment only.

Keep health & THANK YOU for your extra support and encouragement during this time.

We hope you are staying well and cozy 🙂

Pain and Tension didn’t take a break!

You’re self care doesn’t have to end when you leave the massage table! Self care tools, topical pain relievers and awesome swag are available on our online store. These items can be sent via USPS, ordered for curbside pick up or picked up at your next pain or stress relief session.

Session Upgrades

Benefit from more!

Take your next massage or bodywork session up a level by incorporating some of these amazing upgrades! If you’re unsure of how these additions can benefit you, don’t hesitate to ask your massage therapist—they’ll help you decided which option(s) is the best fit for your massage and bodywork needs!

Hot Towels

Benefits of hot towels:
  • Relax extra tight muscles before targeted therapy
  • A great way to end the session with a little extra relaxation
Hot towels are a wonderful addition to any massage!

Upgrade for only $5.

Essential oils

Experience the therapeutic benefits of essential oils to enhance your massage session. You can pick your favorite essential oil or ask your massage therapist for their recommendation.

Essential oils can be added to any massage or bodywork session!

Upgrade for only $5.


Biofreeze is the #1 clinically used and recommended topical analgesic.
  • Clinically proven efficacy
  • Decreases pain
  • Enhances your therapy session
  • Decreases post-massage soreness
Biofreeze can be used at the end of any massage or bodywork session!

Upgrade for only $5.

Hot Stones or Bamboo

Perfect for those who love to be warm!
  • Increases blood flow by expanding blood vessels
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Promotes deep relaxation
Hot Stones and Bamboo are a wonderful addition to a Therapeutic Massage for those looking for deeper relief without wanting deeper pressure. A 2 hour notice is required to add this upgrade to your session.

Upgrade for only $10.

Postural Analysis

A postural analysis gives your massage therapist a better understanding of your pains and stresses. It is similar to how your dentist or doctor takes an x-ray of you, since it gives your massage therapist visual indicators of why your body is in the pain that it is. Our postural analysis can be a result you can see! Call ahead to make this a part of your session for only $49.
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