Session Upgrades

Benefit from more!

with Massage Session Upgrades.

Take your next to the next level by incorporating some of these amazing services into your next session! If you’re unsure of how these services can be taken advantage of, don’t hesitate to ask your massage therapist—they’ll help you to find which option may be the best fit for you!

Hot Towels

Benefits of hot towels:
  • Relax the extra tight muscles before the massage begins,
  • Adds a little extra relaxation at the end of the massage!
Hot towels are a wonderful addition to either a Relaxation or Therapeutic Massage!

Upgrade for only $5.

Essential oils

Experience the therapeutic benefits of essential oils to enhance your massage session. You can pick your favorite essential or ask your massage therapist for their recommendation based off your needs.

Love Spell

Blend of the month!

Introducing a NEW session upgrade available exclusively at Ohana Therapeutic Massage!
Love Spell is a delightful blend of ylang ylang, orange, cedarwood and sandelwood.
Available February 2018.

Check back every month for a new blend!

Essential oils are an amazing enhancement for a Relaxation Massage!

Upgrade for only $5.


Biofreeze is the #1 clinically used and recommended topical analgesic
  • Clinically proven efficacy,
  • Decreases pain,
  • Enhances your therapy session,
  • Extends your level of care after your session!
Biofreeze is a great addition to a Therapeutic Massage!

Upgrade for only $5.

Postural Analysis

A postural analysis gives your massage therapist a better understanding of your pains and stresses. It is similar to how your dentist or doctor takes an x-ray of you, since it gives your massage therapist visual indicators of why your body is in the pain that it is. Our postural analysis can be a result you can see! Call ahead to make this a part of your session for only $49.
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