Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage
30, 60 or 90 minutes Session prices will vary; contact us today! Schedule with any massage therapist.

Relaxation Massage is the perfect massage for those who want a break from the stresses of everyday life.

Enjoy peace, quiet and serenity on our heated massage tables. Let the soft music and gentle rhythm of long, flowing strokes bring your relaxation experience to the next level. During a Relaxation Massage, the massage therapist does not push or force their way through your muscles. Instead they use smooth, gliding strokes to encourage your muscles to soften and relax. You may even surprise yourself and fall asleep during this type of massage session!

This type of session is perfect for those who have never experience massage therapy before and for those who are looking for stress relief.

Also known as Swedish Massage, this technique uses long, flowing strokes to reduce stress, relieve pain, and increase circulation. This massage can be at any depth; light, medium or firm. The amount of pressure can also vary throughout the body. For example, many people prefer a firmer pressure on their neck and back while having a medium pressure on their arms and legs.

Enhance your Relaxation Massage experience by upgrading your session to include hot towels or your choice of essential oil blend. Lavender, Serenity, or Balance essential oils are perfect for enhancing relaxation.

Benefits of Relaxation Massage:

  • Increase circulation
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve Sleep
  • Increases Lymph flow
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Increased relaxation

In a Relaxation Massage, there is less focus on pain relief and injury rehab. That is because Deep Tissue Massage can often times be uncomfortable and during a Relaxation Massage our goal is help you feel good while drifting off into massage bliss. If you are looking for pain relief or injury rehab, please see our Therapeutic Massage page.
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