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Pediatric Care

Duration is determined case-by-case. Appointments available by request, call 218-263-1501
Children and teenagers have stresses and tension much like adults do. But, since children’s bodies are smaller than adult bodies, special considerations and adjustments need to be made.


Three things are always taken into consideration when massaging people age 0-18 years old.

First, the child will always be asked whether they would like to receive a massage. Their answer will be respected. This is important for teaching children about healthy touch and to respect their personal boundaries.

Second, the child should be aware of what is happening to them. Massage therapists will talk about the massage in age appropriate ways. Often times, children under the age of 12 do not know what the term “massage” means. We often use terms like “warm touch” to explain massage to kids.

Finally, the massage will be gentle. Children have more skin receptors per square inch than adults do and can easily become over stimulated. A Therapeutic Massage, CranioSacral Therapy session, or Myofascial Release session are the most appropriate for children and teenagers.


We will be happy to discuss pediatric care options and help find the best approach on a case by case basis. Because each child’s needs are unique, we will determine the most appropriate session length and frequency for your child’s unique needs.

A parent or guardian must be present during the massage for anyone under the age of 18.

Parents who would like to learn more information about pediatric massage therapy can contact our office for a consultation call with a massage therapist.
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