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Every day, our bodies and our minds are subjected to stress. This results in aches and pains, irritability and fatigue. Since 1997, the Biomat has helped thousands of those suffering from minor muscle and joint pain all the way to arthritis. The Biomat is perfect for those looking for stress and pain relief, especially those who don’t like being touched!

What to expect during your Biomat® session?

Expect to go to a deep level of relaxation and serenity. The heat generated by the Biomat® is unlike a heating pad, since it penetrates 2-4 inches into the body rather than simply heating only the superficial tissues of the body.

Richway & Fuji Bio Inc

Benefits of using the Biomat®:

  • Temporary relief of: Minor muscle pain, minor joint pain and stiffness, joint pain associate with arthritis, muscle spasms/minor sprains, minor strains/minor muscular back pain
  • Relaxation of muscles
  • Temporary increase of local circulation
  • Promotes deep relaxation
  • Perfect for those who love to be warm!
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What do I do while laying on the Biomat®?

While laying on the Biomat®, it is the perfect time to relax and meditiate. For many of us, quiet time is hard to come by. The Biomat® can be the perfect solution! We invite you to take advantage of some quiet time while benefiting from the far infrared and negative ions of the Biomat®.

The Biomat® has even benefitted people by reducing the symptoms of arthritis!

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